Help! Lord, save me!

Matthew 14:22-34

Sinking times are praying times!

At the beginning of his watery adventure, Peter neglected to pray. But when he began to sink, his fear of drowning made him cry out to his Heavenly Father. His prayer may have been late Ė but not too late.

In times of extreme physical pain and mental anguish ó and the pain and distress seem unbearable ó when we feel like we canít go on and our head feels like its ready to explode from worry.

Suddenly ó prayer comes to mind! Just as a wrecked boat is driven upon the shore by the waves...the fox or coyote runs to its hole for protection...the bird flies to a leafy tree for the Child of God runs to the open outstretched arms of the Savior for safety.

Heavenís great harbor of refuge is entered through fervent prayer. Throughout history, thousands upon thousands of weather-beaten Believers have found safe harbor there.

The moment a storm comes upon us, our wise move is to make our way to the inner prayer corner of our heart. Christ is always there, ready to listen, to care and to help.

Short prayers are long enough.

There are only three words in St Peterís petition.

"Lord, save me!"

Those three words were all that was needed.

Not length, but strength is whatís needed. A sense of great need or crisis quickly teaches us the wisdom of using few words.

Our prayers donít need to be adorned with a lot of colorful "tail feathers." What is needed is more "wing."

A prayer of many words is as chaff is to wheat.

Precious things often come in small packages. Think of the young girl in love wearing a diamond ring from her lover. The diamond is such a small stone, yet so precious.

Our fears, our crises, our emergencies are the Lordís opportunities.

The moment a threatening sense of danger forces an anxious cry from us, our loving Lord and God hears. Our cry reaches His heart, and His hand responds quickly.

So often, our cry for help to the Master is at the very last moment. His swift response makes up for our delays by instant and effectual action.

Are we nearly engulfed by the uncontrolled waters of pain and confusion? Just as the Lord Jesus Christ reached out to save Peter from the wind and waves, we may rest assured that if we lift up our souls unto our Savior, He will not allow us to perish.

When we can do nothing, Jesus can do all things. Ours is to plead for His powerful aid, then in full faith to believe He will help us ó to be at our side, and all will be well.

Tradition encourages us to reach out to Christ to save ourselves, as well as to be there for others ó to help calm the sea for folks who are terrified and in crisis, showing them the way through lifeís stormy waters to Jesus. Christ is here that terror might be stilled. Ours is to go to the One, the only One, who can bring peace and calm to our own storm and give us grace to help others through their storm.

May we hear His silent secret voice within our spirit...saying, "Peace be still! All is well! All is well!" bringing comfort, peace and safety to our troubled souls, that we may also bring comfort and peace to others in whatever trouble and crisis they may in with the same comfort and peace we ourselves have received from God.

Christ is here with you...He is ready to listen and to care.

Run to Him today...hold on to Him...donít let go! He cares for you.

Peace be still! All is well! All is well!

Let us pray:

Father of grace and power, Your son Jesus gives victory over life's most violent storms. We pray You bless and strengthen our faith as we commit ourselves to the path You have called us to walk. Hear our prayer and carry us up before You and before all to whom You send us -- so everlasting praise and glory may be ascribed to You.

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