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This Web site has been created to document the history of the Hollywood Free Paper, which from 1969 to roughly 1975 served as a tangible voice, gathering place, communication medium and billboard for the Jesus Movement.

The Jesus Movement was a spontaneous return to the New Testament prototype of Christianity, centered in the life and teachings of Jesus. The Free Paper appeared on the first and third Tuesday of each month for nearly seven years, and at the peak of the Movement, the circulation of the HFP surpassed half a million copies.

If you were a part of the Jesus Movement, if you're still one of the Jesus People today, or if you just discovered us and are wondering who these hippie Jesus freaks are and what we're up to, this website is for you, and we're glad you're here.

It is our prayer that our humble efforts might be used of the Lord as a tiny spark to help ignite the fire of a renewed Jesus movement in this new 21st century, something we know many Gen-X and even Gen-Y young people are praying for. It is our dream that there might someday be a need for the Hollywood Free Paper again.

"When the unfiltered power of Biblical understanding has occasionally broken into the open," Franky Schaeffer wrote, "there have been cultural results." We believe that happened in the Jesus Movement, and we are humbly grateful to have been even a tiny part of it. Maranatha - even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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