Duane's Interview with Sean Dietrich

Sean Dietrich, a good friend and musician who loves the Lord, recently interviewed Duane about the early beginnings of the Hollywood Free Paper and the Jesus Movement.

It's an audio interview that Sean produced in the form of a podcast. If your browser does not begin playing the podcast shortly, you can download the mp3 from here.

Sean and friends are talking of starting a new Jesus paper called, appropriately enough, The Jesus Paper. He would like to see another movement like we were part of in the '60s and '70s. It has long been our prayer that the Lord might send a renewed Jesus movement in this new 21st century, something we know many Gen-X and even Gen-Y young people are praying for, and it's exciting to see young people like Sean thinking along the same lines.

It has also been our dream that the Lord might someday raise up workers to create something similar to the Hollywood Free Paper using today's modern digital media, so we are excited about Sean's plans and we look forward to The Jesus Paper.

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