Margaret Norman, Larry's mother passed away

My name is Charles Norman, Larry's brother.

We are sorry to have to tell you that our mom, Margaret Norman passed away on Friday January 25th. She was being treated for pneumonia at the hospital and unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. Her surviving children, Kristy, Nancy (via phone), myself, and Kristin Blix were with her as she passed. Mom was wide awake, alert, peaceful and in no pain. She was 87.

We are grieving and rejoicing at the same time.

Her absence is felt every day ... how she loved Jesus, the way her home was a shelter from a sometimes stormy world, her words of wisdom and her open arms, her joy and her love. Mom never seemed to take much space, always considerate of others and their troubles, and always ready to listen. Now the thought of not hearing her voice again, seeing her smile, and being in her presence is overwhelming.

We are comforted by how gracefully she left for Heaven and how she knew how much we all loved her. She was very happy that she would now be reunited with Larry, her husband Joe, her sisters and brother, her mom and dad AND Jesus.

Many of you got to know Margaret over the years and got to experience her love and generous spirit in person. We are grateful you got to be with her and that she got to know you all. As we are going through things we're finding letters to her from friends and strangers throughout the years, and mom's refrigerator is covered with pictures and words of thanks from all over the world. A testament to our mom. The one and only irreplaceable Margaret.

There will be a joyous celebration and going away party for her on Saturday, February 2nd. If you would like to join us, please send us an email and we will let you know the details.

With love to you all from the Norman family,


Address for condolences:

Charles Norman
PO Box 5633
Salem, OR 97304

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