Noticias de Vida

Special Edition
1976 HFP, Volume 8 Number 7

"Noticias de Vida" means news of life, and it was the title of an experimental Spanish version of the Hollywood Free Paper we produced to be distributed in Mexico.

Our friend Katy wrote "Mi Ultima Inyeccion" (my last injection) about being set free from addiction to heroin after her dramatic encounter with Jesus. Another friend, Tom, wrote "Yo Di Mi Vida al Todopoderoso" (I gave my life to the Almighty) after Jesus rescued him from involvement with the occult and witchcraft. Set free from a life of pills, heroin and jail time, brother Juan wrote "De Veinte Años de Prision a Libertad Eterna" (From 20 years of prison to eternal freedom.)

Duane Pederson's article on Christian meditation was translated to Spanish and published in this issue as "Meditacion Cristiana." Amusingly, the article was accompanied by a large photo of a Jesus band on stage playing trumpets, trombones and saxophones, not usually the environment you'd want when trying to meditate!

"Vean el Cordero de Dios" (behold, the Lamb of God) was the Spanish translation of a full-page comic created by our brother Jackson Wilcox, based on the events in John 1:19-34. He also created the Spanish mini-poster "Yo Soy la Resurreccion" (I am the Resurrection) pictured at right. The photo at lower right shows a speaker at one of our Jesus People gatherings in the mid-1970s.

Unfortunately, though it was a great idea, the "Noticias de Vida" experiment didn't work out, as we did not have ongoing access to Spanish-speaking support staff to handle the mail from readers.

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