Our 8th Year

November, 1976
1976 HFP, Volume 8 Number 6

Georgia governor Jimmy Carter was elected president, defeating incumbent Gerald Ford. The Civil War movie "Gone with the Wind" was televised on NBC. Smokey the Bear died at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Barbra Streisand premiered in the movie "A Star is Born". And NY Jets quarterback Joe Namath played his final NFL game.

Our brother Jackson Wilcox created a full page comic based on the parable of the rich man from Luke 12 who learned much too late that storing up money and possessions is not where it's at. He should have spent his life seeking the Kingdom of God.

In a two-page spread illustrated with photos, we shared the exciting story of gospel singer O'Ella Burkes, who performed with the first black group ever to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Clara Ward Singers. "Music has always been my life," O'Ella said. "Every time I sing, whether at Cook County jail in Chicago, every week in Chino state prison, Leavenworth federal penitentiary or at a juvenile hall, I feel the Lord in me. It is as if He is right there saying, 'Let me be your Guide. I'm Jesus. Victory is yours forever."

Joe was an inmate at one of the prisons O'Ella and our editor Duane Pederson visited, and we devoted a double page spread to Joe's story as well. "I've been in a number of prisons in California," Joe said, "and that night when I heard O'Ella sing and Duane speak of the love Jesus has for me, I came to a renewed acceptance of Jesus."

A reader sent in the drawing shown at right of a cross and "Jesus Saves" banner. The photo at lower right shows a young woman playing guitar at one of the Jesus People gatherings in California.

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