Christian Meditation (2)

July, 1976
1976 HFP, Volume 8 Number 4

North and South Vietnam were officially reunited, with the capital to be in Hanoi. Israel launched its famous Raid on Entebbe to rescue 103 hostages from an Air France plane. The United States celebrated its Bicentennial on July 4. The Ramones held a concert in the UK which launched the British punk scene. Elizabeth Taylor divorced Richard Burton for the second time after a brief re-marriage, this was her sixth divorce.

Our brother Jackson Wilcox created a full page comic based on Jesus' encounter in Luke 19 with a man named Zacchaeus, a crooked tax collector who climbed a tree to see over the crowd so that he could catch a glimpse of Jesus.

We continued to offer our Bible correspondence school and Duane Pederson's new book, and were making plans for a Spanish language issue of the HFP. Duane continued his series on Christian meditation.

"I was really empty inside," wrote our friend Ronnie, who shared the difficult story of his life, doing drugs, dealing drugs, gang fights, arrests, jail time. "There was a crying in my heart for something," Ronnie remembered, "I tried to fill the emptiness with drugs but it didn't work. Now I can tell everybody that Jesus can fill an empty life, just like He did mine."

Alice was involved in drugs and a gang when she traveled from her tiny town to the big city of Seattle and saw for the first time "hard core junkies" and girls turning to prostitution just to support their habit. That's not the life Alice wanted, and she found a new life in Jesus instead. Another friend, Jo-Jo, discovered after wasting his teen years in vandalism in delinquency that Jesus could even "put a loser on the victory side."

Our friend Edward Thompson drew the cartoon at right of a grizzled old fellow who discovered that being a Christian was a lot like shaving: "no matter how much I did it yesterday, I still have to do it today." The photo at lower right shows three young Jesus People playing guitars and singing at a Gathering in southern California.

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