I Am the Light of the World

September, 1976
1976 HFP, Volume 8 Number 5

Chinese Communist party chairman Mao Tse-Tung died in Beijing at the age of 82. The Episcopal Church approved the ordination of women priests. Muhammad Ali beat Ken Norton in a 15-round bout to remain heavyweight champion. Agriculture secretary Earl Butz was forced to resign over a racist joke. And Walter Mondale and Bob Dole appeared in the first-ever vice presidential debate.

Our brother Jackson Wilcox created a full page comic based on Jesus' confrontation with the Pharisees in John chapter 8. "You do not know Me or My Father," Jesus told them. "If you knew Me, you would know My Father also."

A friend from North Carolina named Boyd shared his tragic story. "At age 25 I made my home at Raleigh Central Prison with a 16 to 25 year sentence for three charges of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit murder." Facing such a grim future, Boyd said his life seemed ended. But "a chaplain gently put me on the road again," he said. "I accepted Jesus in my cell."

A double page spread with photographs told the exciting history of Grammy award winning Christian musician Andrae Crouch, lead singer of the popular gospel group the Disciples, shown in the photo at right. "I wanted to be used of God," Andrae explained, "and was just fool enough to believe His Word."

A second double page spread told the personal story of Hollywood TV and movie stuntman Bob Yerkes, illustrated with photos of Bob performing in "Wonder Woman" with Lynda Carter, in "Break Out" with Charles Bronson, and falling from the broken window of a skyscraper in "Earthquake". A believer in Jesus, Bob had recently started a weekly Bible study which would later grow into the very special organization the Fellowship of Christian Stuntmen.

The photo at lower right shows our founding editor Duane Pederson sharing a poignant moment with two Jesus People from different generations at a Gathering in southern California.

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