Is Your Name Being Carved?

March, 1976
1976 HFP, Volume 8 Number 2

Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was convicted and sentenced to 7 years in prison for robbing banks while with the Symbionese Liberation Army. In Argentina, the military overthrew Isabel Peron, president and widow of dictator Juan Peron. Pan Am began nonstop flights between New York and Tokyo. The first of more than a million boat people left Vietnam, and Jimmy Carter clinched the Democratic nomination for president.

Our brother Jackson Wilcox drew the front cover cartoon of a man carving a heart with an arrow through it on a tree with JESUS + in the middle. The man asks, "Is your name being carved in this heart?" Are you the one Jesus loves? Jackson also created a half page comic about Paul's warnings on temptation from I Corinthians, and a full page comic about John the Baptist sending his followers to Jesus, telling them "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world."

Our friend Tom told his story of how Jesus helped him come to terms with his grief over the death of his mother, and how through that encounter Tom himself found peace through Jesus. "I gave my life to the greatest Power," Tom wrote. Another friend, Linda, shared how she met Jesus through a counselor at a halfway house, and had been set free from a ten year addiction to heroin. Linda ended up working as secretary at the halfway house, answering the phone and typing, and going to visit her "old friends" in prison and share Jesus with them.

Founding editor Duane Pederson continued with the second of his series on Christian meditation. Our Bible correspondence course, called Practicollege, was still available free of charge to prisoners, all they had to do was write and request to be enrolled and the materials would be sent.

The cartoon at right depicts a happy little hippie telling of the love of Jesus. The photo at lower right shows one of our young Jesus People singing and playing guitar at a Gathering in southern California.

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