Give Him Yourself

November 1975
1975 HFP, Volume 7 Number 6

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Seventeen days later, Sara Jane Moore, a self-proclaimed revolutionary, also attempted to kill Ford. (It was a bad month to be president.) Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier after 14 rounds to win the world heavyweight boxing title. The FBI arrested kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst and several other members of the Symbionese Liberation Army for a series of armed bank robberies; Hearst was convicted and served nearly 2 years in prison. The comedy-variety show Saturday Night Live premiered on NBC.

God was giving the Hollywood Free Paper team tremendous opportunities for ministry in jails and prisons. 50,000 copies of each issue were being sent to over 200 prison chaplains for distribution to inmates. Practicollege, the HFP's basic Bible course, had more than 500 students enrolled. Evangelistic teams were conducting weekly chapel services in county jails and state prisons.

Christian musician Billy Robinson shared how Jesus had stayed with him through a variety of serious personal and family tragedies. "There has not been a moment," Billy wrote, "that I have not known Jesus to be with me, protecting me, caring for me, giving me His peace and rest."

Our friends Katy, Bobby and Dave shared their personal experiences finding Jesus in the middle of a life dominated by drugs. "I was tired," Katy wrote, "so very tired of living the life that I was living." All three found the peace and help they sought in Jesus.

The two photographs at right are of young Jesus People at one of our Family Gatherings. We wish you all could have been there!

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