What's Life All About?

September 1975
1975 HFP, Volume 7 Number 5

The Apollo-Soyuz test mission was launched simultaneously from the U.S. and Soviet Union. Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from a restaurant parking lot in suburban Detroit. Talk show host David Frost bought exclusive rights to interview former president Nixon. NASA's Viking lander was launched on its mission to Mars. Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, who would be celebrated in later years as the savior by Rastafarians, died in Addis Ababa, ending the African country's 3,000 year old monarchy.

With this issue the HFP began its sixth year of publication. Editor Duane Pederson wrote that when the paper was launched in 1969, "I thought it might last one issue, or maybe two. But rather God had plans to use this paper on the street, and now almost exclusively in prisons."

Our friend Leo told of finding Jesus while in a rehab center on a Methadone program. The Methadone was helping him kick the heroin habit, "but I was still in bondage to a drug, and I was not happy about that." Leo overheard two men in the center talking about being set free by Jesus, and he read some of the literature that one of the men left behind. Leo prayed and said "Lord, I've blown my whole life, I need help!"

Another friend, Nick, told of becoming hooked on hard drugs in school. "Before long I had built up a $100 a day habit, so I had to steal to get my stuff. It became a terrible life. I lived just to support my habit. I did time in different camps and prisons." Then Jesus set him free.

The photo at right is of the Dove Sounds, a singing group popular during the Jesus Movement that performed at many of our festivals and gatherings. Rick Landerman drew the cartoon below of demons of greed, hatred, jealousy and more fleeing in panic from the Truth of Jesus.

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