End of World

January 20, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 2

Dunhill Records had just released Cass Elliot's "New World Coming" and it was already climbing the charts. The soulful solo ballad spoke of a new morning "clear and sweet and free ... coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love." The hopeful message offered a sense of confidence about the future that resonated with young people across America at a time when the present seemed to be in such chaos. The HFP reprinted the powerful lyrics of "New World Coming" and related them to the strong sense of confidence, hope and becoming new again that many were finding in the Jesus Movement.

A large cartoon (pictured at right) drawn in bold, casual strokes encouraged readers to "win with Jesus!"

As the new year 1970 dawned in southern California, the devotees of Hare Krishna seemed to be literally everywhere, soliciting donations in airports and dancing and chanting on street corners with shaven heads, long saffron robes and flowers. The HFP featured the first-person experience of a young Wisconsin man referred to only as Michael who had traveled to California to become part of the Krishna temple in Los Angeles, and whose journey through "Krishna consciousness" became the route to an unexpected and unlikely encounter with Jesus.

The drums of war continued to pound half a world away in Vietnam. In this issue the HFP reviewed the classic Robert Altman black comedy M*A*S*H, which used the story of a battlefield hospital in Korea as the setting for a commentary on the Vietnam conflict.

In a separate article, the three looming prospects which seemed to dominate the lives of America's young men in 1970 -- the draft, college, or getting a job -- became the context for pondering more lasting and eternal choices about one's soul.

Lance Bowen's back-cover poster (pictured below right) depicted an Uncle Sam-like God with the bold statement "God wants you."

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