God, Are You Mad at Me?

July 1975
1975 HFP, Volume 7 Number 4

President Ford officially declared the "Vietnam era" over. Nevertheless the war lingers to this day in the lives of veterans who returned physically or mentally disabled, and families of solders who never returned. The new Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia captured an American merchant ship, the Mayaguez, and President Ford sent 200 Marines to storm the island of Koh Tang and rescue the ship's crew. Long distance runner Steve Prefontaine died in an automobile crash; the film "Pre" was later made about his life and sport. California farmers reached an uneasy truce with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers union, ending a boycott of the state's grapes, lettuce and wine.

We had invited readers to send their poetry and artwork, and they responded. Art and verses by several HFP readers were featured in this issue.

Our friends Steve and Jackson shared with our readers their personal journeys from drugs and jail to Jesus. "As I looked up from that simple prayer," Steve wrote, "there were no fireworks, everything was the same, except for a slight feeling of relief inside, and belief that I had turned it all over to Jesus."

And, we shared another chapter from Duane Pederson's book "Jesus is Alive and Well," and offered a free copy to any reader who wrote requesting one.

The photo at right shows our editor Duane at the entrance to a juvenile detention facility for girls, where he was visiting some of the prisoners, no doubt taking them the message that God was in fact not mad at them. Our brother Dale Yancey created the poster shown at lower right, featuring Paul's unforgettable description of love from I Corinthians.

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