The Big Killer

March, 1975
1975 HFP, Volume 7 Number 2

The big killer in the title of this edition was loneliness. It's about more than just being alone, you can be alone without feeling lonely. It's about that feeling that no one understands or cares, that no one is interested in listening to your problems or being your friend, and sometimes it's easier to start feeling like that in the middle of a crowd. The answer, we decided, wasn't in the crowd; it was in getting out of the crowd to meet the One who really does care.

Our friends Michele and Donny from Venice Beach described their journey through drugs, the counterculture and Eastern religion in search of the truth, a trip that ultimately just brought them back home to some friends whose lives had changed when they met Jesus.

We continued to hear from prisoners in various institutions. We printed an article by Jim, a young former soldier who had served time in the Army stockade at Fort Riley, Kansas, about his journey through drugs, Satan worship, and astral projection as means of escaping the harsh realities of life. Nothing worked, and after being discharged from the Army and re-entering the drug scene, Jim finally found himself face-to-face with Jesus.

The photo at right shows a young brother praying at one of the International Jesus People Gatherings. Our dramatic poster at lower right depicts a stylized hand reaching up to God.

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