Teaching and Training

Special Edition
1974 JP, Volume 3 Number 1

Mail poured in from brothers and sisters who had attended the International Jesus People Gathering in Los Angeles, describing how much they enjoyed it and the change it had made in their life since then. But we knew that many others were not able to attend because they couldn't travel to Los Angeles. So for Jesus People across the country we had big news... the Gathering was going on the road, and plans were in the works to hold Jesus People Gatherings in Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Chicago as well as two more in Los Angeles.

We devoted a full page to the story of Joel House, a house ministry with which the HFP felt a special spiritual bond. Joel House was home to 16 young men from the streets of Los Angeles who had made a commitment to getting their lives in order with the help of Jesus and each other.

We devoted a second full page to our friend and brother Andrae Crouch, the popular Christian songwriter and singer. Andrae and his group the Disciples had performed in more than 17 countries, turning each concert into a spiritual feast filled with some of the most moving soul music to be found anywhere.

The photo at right shows young Jesus People singing together at the Gathering. The photo at lower right shows our friend Jerome Hannaman and some of the brothers of Joel House.

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