November, 1974
1974 HFP, Volume 6 Number 4

Not long before this edition of the HFP went to press, Universal Studios released its action thriller "Earthquake," starring Charlton Heston. Hollywood stuntman Bob Yerkes, a close friend of our founding editor Duane Pederson, was thrown through the window of a towering skyscraper in the film during its exciting climax, the big earthquake scene.

"For thousands who view the scene," Duane wrote, "it evokes a sense of fear, but not for Bob." Duane explained that such exploits were a way of life for the veteran stuntman and acrobat who makes his living taking risks that the studios deem too dangerous for their star actors. And he makes it look easy.*

Not surprisingly, earthquakes were the major focus of this issue of the HFP. Jesus told his disciples that earthquakes, famines, wars and "rumors of wars" would be the "beginnings of birth-pangs," a warning to His followers to get ready for His soon return.

Ironically, a month after this issue was printed, a devastating earthquake occurred in the Hunza region of Pakistan. Officials estimated that 5,300 people were killed and another 17,000 injured. The village of Pattan was almost completely destroyed.

The Practicollege, a basic Bible course with practical training for "reaching unreachables with the love of Jesus Christ" had begun in Hollywood. Ron Salsbury and the JC Power Outlet were scheduled to appear with Larry Norman at the Pasadena civic auditorium.

In the photo at right, participants chat outside the International Jesus People Gathering. Whether in a priest's collar with short hair or army fatigues with long hair, everyone was welcome. In the photo at lower right, well, let's just say group hugs tended to happen wherever the Jesus People gathered.

*Editor's note: Remember when Doc Brown slid down the cable from the clock tower in "Back to the Future"? That was Bob Yerkes. Bob is 76 now and still active in the business.

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