What Is Reality?

October, 1974
1974 HFP, Volume 6 Number 3

Is peace a reality? This was the question posed by our main article in this issue. The war in Vietnam was technically at an end and President Ford was offering amnesty to those who escaped to Canada, but violence and fighting continued in Pakistan, Portugal, Argentina, the Netherlands, Spain, you name it. No one was doubting the reality of war, certainly no one who had received letters from a scared brother or friend in Vietnam, or worse, had a brother or friend shipped home from Southeast Asia in a flag-draped box. But what about peace? Peace outside ourselves, in the world, was anybody's guess. But peace inside, that was a different matter, and we knew Who could give you that.

It was hard to believe, but just before this edition went to press, the Hollywood Free Paper celebrated its fifth birthday. Our founding editor Duane Pederson wrote that after traveling to Scandinavia and east Asia, "the streets around the world seem almost as familiar to us as Hollywood Boulevard, where it all started." Some old friends weren't around anymore (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison), while others had been changed so much by their encounters with Jesus that they seemed like entirely new people, and in the ways that really counted, they were.

Requests were still coming in for copies of the HFP from street ministries, college campuses, soldiers, and increasingly, from prison. We printed letters from a young Marine serving in Nam Phong, Thailand, and a prisoner doing time in Vacaville, CA.

The two photos at right and below right show young people interacting at the International Jesus People Gathering in Los Angeles.

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