Jesus, Power Over the Occult

Special Edition
1974 HFP, Volume 6 Number 1

"Have you recently had some weird stories laid on you by a friend," we asked in this special issue on the occult, "or experienced some strange, unexplainable things going on around you? Well, you're not alone. Lots of people are talking about freaky spirit things that are happening."

Our founding editor Duane Pederson had written a new book, "Hold Me Close, Lord Jesus," to bring some straight talk to all the confusion going on about spirits and the occult, and to straighten out the conflicting viewpoints. The new book was inspired by Duane's one-on-one counseling with young people who needed concrete answers about spiritual forces. This special edition was our way of introducing the book and reaching out to readers who might be struggling with the occult.

Our friends Pat and Debby described their own experiences with the occult and how they had been delivered through a relationship with Jesus.

The photo at right shows Duane on stage at the International Jesus People Gathering, with the musicians from one of the featured bands. The photo at lower right shows just a small number of the several thousand young people who attended the Gathering.

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