Joyous Collection of Photos

Special Edition
1973 HFP, Volume Number 5

This very special edition was our gift to our readers to celebrate the fourth birthday of the Hollywood Free Paper. During those first four years, more than 14 million copies of the HFP had been printed and distributed around the world. 35,000 people had written to us to tell of having found a personal relationship with Jesus after reading the HFP. 30,000 Bibles and New Testaments had been given to new brothers and sisters.

For four years the HFP had been given the privilege of serving as one of the printed voices of the Jesus Movement, taking news of the Jesus People and our revolution to coffeehouses, communes, Jesus houses, and the streets of Hollywood, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Stockholm, Oslo, Manila, Hong Kong and beyond.

And through it all, we knew in our hearts that we didn't make these exciting things happen, but Jesus himself. Through Him and with the help of the writers, artists and photographers He sent to share their God-given talents with us, we got the paper printed. Then we stood back and watched Him turn it into something bigger than we would have dared to imagine.

The photo at right shows a young Jesus Person speaking at the Gathering; our founding editor Duane Pederson watches at right, in the white turtleneck. The back-page poster shown at lower right was one of our more popular posters, "I will lift up my hands unto Thy name."

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