January 6, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 1

The first Earth Day was only three months away, and a new ecology movement was being born before our eyes. The HFP opened the exciting new year with a front page article awakening Jesus People to "the destruction by man of the ecological balance of his environment, the population explosion, and the growing threats of war that follow from overcrowding and starvation."

The environmental dilemma was presented in the context of respect for God's creation and our failure to manage the resources He provided for us. Lance Bowen's front page cartoon (pictured at right) depicted ghosts mourning the death of the earth.

The Jesus Movement had begun to express itself in marches and other non-violent demonstrations. Realizing that even peaceful intentions can sometimes be misunderstood, the HFP printed advice on what to say and do if arrested by police, and how to find an attorney. Phone numbers for lawyer referrals and the Legal Aid foundation were provided.

The center spread contained news of an upcoming Citywide March for Jesus on Easter Sunday, and the formation of a speakers' bureau to take the message of the Jesus Movement to free speech platforms on college campuses and throughout the Los Angeles area.

The new Movement was evolving rapidly, and a breathless article celebrated the growth of "Christian communes, first century Christian cell groups, Christians living together, eating together, working and studying together, and preaching together." Houses that served as venues for Bible studies, fellowship and "crash pads" were springing up in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Seal Beach, Pasadena, and Huntington Beach.

Letters were arriving from groups of Jesus People in Freeville, NY, from Hickory, NC, and from students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison as well as across the state of California from Lancaster to San Luis Obispo. The "Wall" now listed rap sessions, coffeehouses, Bible studies and other events on every day of the week. The Movement was growing.

A dramatic back-page poster (pictured below right) presented Jesus as the hope of the hopeless, which He still is today.

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