World Changers

Autumn 1973
1973 HFP, Volume 5 Number 4

This issue started off with photos of four USC football players and their comments on the difference Jesus had made in their lives. Dave Brown, who played center, said he believed that Jesus was "the only rational alternative man has." Mike Ryan, guard, said that "Jesus' promises proved to be real." Al Gallaher, tackle, had been sidelined due to an injury, but through his relationship with Jesus he saw it "as a steppingstone to becoming a stronger person, rather than as a tragedy." Allan Graf, guard, said that Jesus had given him "a whole new outlook on life."

Duane's "Letter to the Street People" addressed the objection voiced by many street people in Hollywood that the Jesus freaks "are too aggressive, you're always trying to lay your trip on us when we don't care and don't want it." Duane responded that the reason that "day after day when we see you on the street we smile at you and tell you that Jesus loves you" was that "we have lived on the streets too, so we know what's coming down. We know of the impending disaster. But we have been diverted from that disaster by Jesus."

The photo at right shows some young Jesus People praying together in a quiet corner during the International Jesus People Gathering in Los Angeles. The cartoon of the jubilant little man at lower right was part of "Shaky Fakie's Story" by our brother Warren Heard.

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