Are You Lonely?

Summer 1973
1973 HFP, Volume 5 Number 3

Loneliness is pretty universal. "If the pieces in your life don't seem to fit," we wrote, "it could be something's missing." You can have "a million close friends and still be lonely, you can be the most popular, best looking, most successful person on earth and still be lonely." Only Jesus could put it back together, the shattered dreams, the broken pieces.

The second international Jesus People Gathering was on schedule for the last weekend of December, 1973, in the beach city of Santa Monica near Los Angeles.

The photo at right shows some young friends singing at the first international Jesus People Gathering, and at lower right is a photo of a young couple who found the fun way to share a sandwich at the Gathering.

We quoted a popular Jesus People bumper sticker: "Read the Bible, not Bumper Stickers."

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