A Nice Guy Like You

Spring 1973
1973 HFP, Volume 5 Number 2

The complete title of our main article was "Can a Nice Guy Like You Really Go to Hell?" It told of an encounter our editor Duane Pederson had with a young man on the beach who had been searching for God for "a long time" and meant to go on searching until he found Him, but in reality had ended up feeling that "life passed me by, I can't find it anymore." Like a hobo telling another where he found bread to eat, Duane humbly told the young man about Jesus.

Our friend Paul Johnson wrote about how the hippie culture of the Sixties had ended up becoming "the bummer of the century." Paul thought he had found "a mobile culture that was for real. That's what I wanted it to be. That's what everyone wanted it to be." But in the end he discovered there was "always a selfish reason behind every free joint handed out, every free ride or meal given, every chick I had." Then he met Jesus, the only One who is real for keeps. "I'm still on the road," Paul explained, "but I'm not ripping people off or getting ripped off. I'm letting Jesus live through me."

The peaceful young man with long blond hair and wide glasses in the photo at right is our brother and long time HFP cartoonist Warren Heard as he appeared 35 years ago, at work in the HFP office in Hollywood. His gentle spirit and generosity in sharing his talent made a real difference. Warren, if you're out there reading this, please get in touch. We miss you, old friend, and would love to hear from you again.

The poster at lower right of drug paraphernalia and a bullet on a Bible illustrated an article about drugs, the only true cure, and Who has it.

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