Happiness is Jesus

Winter 1973
1973 HFP, Volume 5 Number 1

Between organizing several large Jesus People gatherings here in the U.S., making overseas trips to Scandinavia, the Philippines and Hong Kong, and launching our new international Jesus People paper for distribution overseas, our plate was pretty full in the early part of 1973. As the Movement here in the States was also coasting slowly to an end, the Hollywood Free Paper during this time was reduced to an occasional four page edition.

Our main article in this issue compared the temporary synthetic happiness of drugs, sex and material goodies to the lasting joy of a personal relationship with Jesus. "What happens when you come down off your chemical high," we asked, "or the show in the rack is all over, when you run out of bread, or the fascination with material goodies wears off?"

In another article we broke the great news that God cares: "When we decide to love Him, He has promised to love us fully in return. He fills life with His peace of mind and joy." Delaying the decision to meet Jesus in order to "keep serving our selfish selves" just results in more of the same: depression, anger, bitterness.

Record albums of music from the Jesus festivals and other live concerts were becoming available, and our editor Duane Pederson had published a new book titled "On Lonely Street with God."

The cartoon shown at right of a brother rockin' out to his own music was drawn by our friend Warren Heard as part of a larger panel titled "The Parking Lot Plot".

The photo at lower right shows a brother playing and singing at a Jesus festival of music in Minnetonka, MN.

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