Rico 1953-1973

Autumn 1973
1973 JP, Volume 2 Number 4

We were saddened by the sudden and senseless death of our Filipino brother Rico at the much too young age of barely 20. He was murdered for telling others about Jesus. Surely his reward in Heaven would be great as he died for sharing the good news of the Kingdom. We thought it appropriate to design the cover of this issue around a memorable photo of Rico as our small tribute to his memory.

This issue featured an essay on "Winning the Christian Race" written by John Newton, an 18th century sailor and slave ship captain who met Jesus during a fierce storm at sea, and later became a leader in the evangelical revival in England. Other articles dealt with forgiveness, the question of denominations in the Christian church, finding happiness, and why trying to 'con' God is never a good idea (Hint: He always knows the truth no matter what we try to tell Him.)

No less than eight Jesus newspapers had started in Australia. Pastor John Paul Chan was coming from Hong Kong to attend the International Jesus People Gathering, along with a group of Catholic nuns from Germany. Requests for copies of the HFP arrived from Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. A letter from our friends at God's Army in northern California brought very welcome good news about the Way Inn coffeehouse, the music group Shiloh, a successful evangelistic rally with Nicky Cruz and a concert by Love Song, which turned out to be "the biggest thing, crowd-wise" that their beautiful beach town of Half Moon Bay had ever seen. Speaking of beaches, our brother Rick Wonder had started the World Christian Surfing Association and they already had chapters in Hawaii, California, Mexico, France (do they surf in France?), Australia and New Zealand.

The photo at right shows several young Jesus People praying and praising Jesus at the International Jesus People Gathering. Warren Heard created the satirical game board for "Monotony" shown at lower right, which parodied the popular game Monopoly to show the futility of life without Jesus.

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