One Way - His Way

Summer 1973
1973 JP, Volume 2 Number 3

Exciting news continued to pour in from overseas as we put together this issue of our international Jesus People publication. Ministry to street youth and gang members was expanding on the streets of Hong Kong. A mobile coffeehouse in a bus was taking Jesus to the streets of Mexico City. Our Filipino brothers and sisters in Manila were stepping up to take charge of Jesus People ministries that had been started by Americans. Jesus People in New Zealand had started printing their own newspaper, True Vine.

Between 10,000 and 15,000 people in Indonesia were attending Jesus gatherings held in open fields as the spontaneous revival there continued to grow. Requests had arrived for more copies of the HFP to distribute in Norway and South Korea. A brother from Guam who had attended our Midsummer Gathering was back at home and making plans to bring a Jesus festival of music to Guam. Both the HFP and our new Jesus People paper were being distributed in Thailand, and Jesus People in Okinawa had started street witnessing. There was news from Ireland, Israel, Cuba, China... on and on. Like a sudden explosion the Jesus Movement had almost instantly "gone global" and the results were being felt worldwide.

The Midsummer Gathering had been four joy filled days of intensive Bible study, seminars, workshops, street and beach witnessing, music and fellowship. And food, of course! From Germany to Guam and from all different backgrounds, Jesus People had converged on southern California for a never to be forgotten week.

Many at the Gathering had told us they were planning to return in December for our International Jesus People Gathering in Santa Monica, a beach city near Los Angeles, during the last three days of December. That Gathering would end with a Jesus festival of music in Pasadena on New Years Eve, followed by a night of street witnessing and distributing the HFP to the crowds of people who spend the night on Colorado Boulevard waiting to see the Tournament of Roses parade on New Years Day.

Our brother Warren Heard drew the joyful liberated Jesus Person shown at right, as part of a larger cartoon panel about true liberation. The photo at lower right shows a group of young Jesus People celebrating after receiving free copies of the Living Bible at the Midsummer Gathering.

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