Spring 1973
1973 JP, Volume 2 Number 2

The articles in this edition focused on serious life issues: the tragedy of suicide, the need we all have for freedom and dignity (the lack of which sometimes leads to suicide), the question of whether hell exists, and a cure for the cravings of drug addiction.

We also featured an essay by 4th century bishop Athanasius of Alexandria on the incarnation, an ancient word for God entering our world in human form as the baby Jesus.

In the arts, we printed an insightful interview with our friend Ron Salsbury and his band, J.C. Power Outlet, as well as a review of Franco Zeffirelli's film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" about the life of St. Francis of Assisi

Our Midsummer Gathering in the L.A. coliseum was joining with the southern California rally for Key '73, an interdenominational evangelistic program created by Billy Graham. Our gathering was to have a triple purpose: in-depth Bible teaching, street and beach evangelism, and a 4-day Jesus festival of music. Speakers would include the pastors of some of the largest churches in the Los Angeles area, as well as our editor Duane Pederson. Musicians performing would include Andrae Crouch and the Disciples, Barry McGuire, Children of Truth, and more. Each attendee would receive a free Living Bible, a modern English version very popular in the 1970s.

Our brother Warren Heard drew the handsome cartoon version of Jesus shown at right, as part of a larger cartoon panel about finding real peace — not through money, sex, or religion, but only in Jesus! (Wait — Jesus isn't a religion? Nope! Surprise!)

The photo at lower right shows a young sister singing about Jesus at the Maranatha Coffeehouse.

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