Witness It

Winter 1973
1973 JP, Volume 2 Number 1

Our first issue of 1973 featured a frank discussion of the confusing issue of abortion, an article on whether it is ever possible to know absolute truth, and an essay by 16th century Dutch priest Menno Simons, after whom the Mennonite church was named. We also printed letters from prisoners, one in Ohio and one in California.

Another Billy Graham movie, "Time to Run" was premiering across the country, a well-written and well-acted drama that dealt with youth issues, nuclear power and its effect on the environment, political activism, executives whose work is their life and the effect on their neglected families, and the challenges of a romantic relationship between two young people of very different backgrounds.

A midsummer Jesus People gathering was being planned for late June on the grounds of Trinity Baptist Church in Santa Monica, a beach city near Los Angeles. The theme was "Go ye into all the world — Jesus NOW!" The four day event would include a Bible training seminar, dynamic speakers, live music concerts in the Los Angeles Coliseum, opportunities for beach evangelism and other activities still being planned. A Jesus music festival was in the early planning stages for the Minneapolis area, featuring our friend Ron Salsbury and his popular band the J.C. Power Outlet. And we were offering the Hollywood Free Paper in bulk for just a dollar a pound for distribution at events or on the street. You just can't beat a deal like that.

Our brother Warren Heard created our front cover collage of buttons and graphics from the HFP and the Jesus People magazine. An exciting poster, shown at right, declared "God put it all together" over the famous NASA photograph of the earth from space. The photo at lower right shows our editor Duane Pederson sharing a lighter moment with some Filipino children in Manila.

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