Reaching Out in Jesus' Love

Autumn 1972
1972 JP, Volume 1 Number 4

Our fourth issue featured the Jesus music group Living Waters, who would be appearing at the upcoming International Jesus People Gathering during the final four days of December. We had received so many reservations for the Gathering that we had gone over the capacity of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and pastor Malcolm Cronk and our friends at the Church of the Open Door (then in downtown Los Angeles at 6th and Hope streets) graciously opened their doors to their 4,000 seat auditorium. The Gathering would include a beach baptism at Will Rogers State Beach north of Los Angeles on the final day of the event, as well as a Jesus festival of music on New Years' Eve followed by a night of street witnessing and distributing the HFP at the famous Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena.

Since so many new believers were joining the Jesus Movement overseas, our Jesus People paper started printing some in-depth articles on the basics of the Christian life, including how to know right from wrong, dealing with temptation, and how a strong faith can help us weather the storms of life.

Our Jesus Sharing Tour to Hawaii, Hong Kong and the Philippines was postponed until the following summer so that more Jesus People from here in North America could participate. Many students wanted to go but could not take time off during the school year, also a tour in the summer would allow more time to be spent on in-depth follow-up after evangelism.

Our brothers and sisters in Manila had renovated an old school bus and named it the Jesus People Liberation bus, to be used as a mobile student center and for evangelism trips to the various barrios. God, who knows the future, had a different purpose in mind. Soon after the bus was finished the island of Luzon was hit by a devastating flood, and the faithful old Jesus People bus was used to distribute food to thousands of hungry flood victims in central Luzon, a very Kingdom-of-God thing to do. The rather fuzzy photo at right, sent by friends in Manila, shows a group of Jesus People pushing the Liberation bus which apparently was having problems.

The photo at lower right shows the great sanctuary building of the Church of the Open Door, which sadly no longer exists. The red neon "Jesus Saves" signs on its rooftop, which could be seen for miles around, were salvaged and presently are atop the University Cathedral nearby. No matter whose church roof the signs are on, Jesus still saves.

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