Philippine Outreach

Summer 1972
1972 JP, Volume 1 Number 3

This third issue of our new international Jesus People newspaper began with a detailed article on the "love revolution of Mindanao," one of the three major islands of the Philippines. "A small group of college students in the southern Philippines discovered a new lifestyle when they were introduced to the Person — Jesus Christ," the article began. "He so radically changed their lives that they have been changing society through His power."

Our editor Duane Pederson wrote that the Jesus Movement had entered what he believed was a new fourth phase, the "international phase," and described an International Street Staff training program to equip Jesus People from North America to become "street missionaries for the local church" in Scandinavia, the Philippines and other countries where God was at work raising up a new Jesus Movement among the youth.

A 22-day "Jesus sharing tour" of Asia and the Pacific was announced, that would involve Jesus People in street witnessing in Honolulu, Manila and Hong Kong, work projects (including building a basketball court in Manila and repairs to a drug rehabilitation center in Hong Kong), and Jesus festivals of music in both Manila and Hong Kong. Some of the teams would stay at the new Maranatha training center in Manila, operated by Jesus People. The teams participating would have the opportunity to become "world changers in action."

Seven young people were baptized in the first beach baptism organized by the Jesus People in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, "marking entry of Jesus People into provincial centers of the Philippines." A Jesus newspaper called The Truth had been started in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Reservations were pouring in from Sweden, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico for the International Jesus People Gathering to be held in Los Angeles the last week of December. And back at our tiny office in Hollywood, we received the largest number of requests for copies of the HFP in our history.

The photo at right shows a Filipino boy giving the "one way" gesture, as popular among Jesus People in the Philippines as it was here in North America. The photo at lower right shows young people studying the Bible in a training session in Los Angeles for our new wave of "street missionaries."

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