World Revival

Spring 1972
1972 JP, Volume 1 Number 2

As this second issue of our new international Jesus People paper went to press, news continued to pour in from Sweden, Denmark, the Philippines and Hong Kong that the Holy Spirit of God had brought his Jesus Movement to their countries in full force. Appropriately to the theme of the issue, our front cover featured photos of editor Duane Pederson witnessing in Stockholm to a group of Russian sailors.

Norway's first-ever Jesus festival in Hamar brought over 4,000 Jesus People together from all over Norway. Soon after, Denmark's first Jesus festival was standing-room-only in Copenhagen. Jesus People in Manila, Philippines were holding mobile Bible studies in a bus. "Anywhere you go there's a crowd," they wrote, "and Jesus changing lives."

As had happened in the United States, this sudden youth revival was not planned or organized, but started spontaneously in the hearts of those God chose to work through. We did not take the Jesus Movement to Scandinavia or southeast Asia, we heard it was already there and planned our trips in order to get involved with what God was already doing.

We were humbled as a little directory of Jesus houses around the world, similar to the "Wall" feature in the HFP, began to almost organize itself with listings in South Africa, Hong Kong, Denmark and Norway. New Jesus People newspapers began to appear: Vida in Mexico City, Liberation Now in Manila, En Vej in Copenhagen. God knew what He was doing, and we were grateful just to be a very small part of it.

The photo at right shows just a part of the crowd of 4,000 at the Jesus festival in Hamar, Norway. In the photo at lower right, our editor Duane Pederson talks with missionary Brother Andrew in Denmark.

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