Victory for Jesus in Scandinavia

Winter 1972
1972 JP, Volume 1 Number 1

Beginning in 1972, the Jesus Movement began to spread worldwide, to Scandinavia, the Philippines, Mexico, Hong Kong and more. The name Hollywood Free Paper just didn't carry the same 'counterculture' punch for these new brothers and sisters abroad, so we launched a second newspaper to be distributed overseas, called simply Jesus People. With the launching of the JP paper and the change of our organizational name to Jesus People International, we became "world changers in action."

The front cover of our first issue of JP featured an exciting photo of a Jesus march in Stockholm, complete with banners and signs — in Swedish, of course — saying things like "Jesus kommer snart" (Jesus is coming soon.)

Much of this first issue covered the emergence of the Movement in the Scandinavian countries, and our first mission trip to Denmark, Norway and Sweden at the invitation of pastor Lewi Pethrus. 200 Jesus People flew from Los Angeles to Stockholm where we broke up into groups of 30 and traveled by bus to our various destinations. We even ministered to the other passengers on the plane, and one of the passengers, Kathy Heller, accepted Christ during the flight. "Jesus alska du" (Jesus loves you.)

Crowds as large as 10,000 swarmed into tents across Scandinavia to hear about Jesus and this new movement. 3,000 people accepted Christ on the street and in festivals. Suddenly the Jesus revolution that was fading in North America was "on" again overseas, and a ministry trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines was in the planning stages for 1973.

News was pouring in from Afghanistan and Germany as well as from Alaska, North Dakota, Tennesee and Wyoming here in the U.S. Our International Jesus People Gathering was scheduled in Los Angeles for the last weekend of December, 1972, featuring as speakers evangelist Corrie Ten Boom, World Vision president Stan Mooneyham, Bob Turnbull the chaplain of Waikiki Beach, our own Duane Pederson and others.

The photo at right is from an outdoor gathering in Norway. Our brother Warren Heard drew the whimsical "We Get Letters" cartoon shown at lower right.

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