1st Day of School

August, 1972
1972 HFP, Volume 4 Number 8

The Broadway production of "Hair" closed after 1,750 performances. Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota became the Democratic nominee for president at the party's convention in Miami. The U.S. State Department criticized actress Jane Fonda for her antiwar broadcasts from Hanoi, North Vietnam. In Northern Ireland, British troops stepped up their attacks on IRA strongholds.

Our main article was filled with ideas for taking Jesus and the Movement back to school and onto the campus in September. We printed a full page of suggestions for planning rallies, Bible studies, Christian clubs and more.

The four day international Jesus People conference being planned for the new Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles was scheduled to end on New Year's Eve 1972 with a late night Jesus Festival of Music, midnight communion, and all-night street witnessing and distribution of the HFP along the parade route of the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena. We were hoping for 3,000 Jesus People to hand out 200,000 copies of the HFP. Speakers at the conference were to include evangelist Corrie ten Boom, World Vision president Stan Mooneyham, and our old friend Bob Turnbull the chaplain of Waikiki Beach.

We printed a letter from a young brother named Lawrence who was serving time for a drug conviction in a state prison in southern Michigan. His was one of many letters we began receiving from prisoners, and it was around this time that we discovered most of the orders for subscriptions to the HFP were coming from prisons, and doors were starting to open for us to get more involved in prison ministry.

And even as the movement on the West Coast began to fade, Duane was starting a Jesus People radio program on Saturday afternoons in the Los Angeles area, and we still managed to put together a full page of Jesus houses, Bible studies, rap sessions and more on the Wall, including the Outreach coffee house in El Monte, California started by our brothers Myron and Jim.

The two photos at right are from two blessed events that happened in our local community of Jesus People during that summer of 1972, a wedding on the beach, and a baptism in the ocean. Praise the Lord!

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