Not a Religion, a Relationship

July, 1972
1972 HFP, Volume 4 Number 7

The seemingly endless stream of bad news on TV continued as we slid into the second half of 1972. Five burglars with ties to the Nixon re-election campaign were arrested for breaking into the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel, igniting a political scandal that would eventually lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The United States mined Haiphong harbor in an effort to stop the flow of fuel and other supplies to the North Vietnamese. Black militant Angela Davis was acquitted of a variety of criminal charges ranging from murder to kidnapping and conspiracy. Civilians, including children, were bombed with napalm in the South Vietnamese village of Trang Bang in an attack coordinated by U.S. military forces; an Associated Press photograph of 9-year-old Kim Phuc fleeing naked after being burned with napalm became one of the most dramatic images of the Vietnam war and photographer Nick Ut won the Pultizer Prize.

During the 1972 Democratic convention in Miami, a crowd of demonstrators calling themselves "zippies" led by Yippie activist Jerry Rubin scuffled with Jesus People at an outdoor concert in Flamingo Park unrelated to the convention. The protestors unplugged the festival's sound system and shouted through a bullhorn, "Jesus freaks go home, this is a political gathering, not a rock concert." Peace was restored when activists from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference intervened.

200 Jesus People had just returned from the HFP's trip to Scandinavia where the Jesus Movement was on fire. Terry and Melissa Craig, who coordinated our weekly street witnessing and HFP distribution on Hollywood Boulevard every Friday and Ssturday night, wrote in this issue of their experiences in Sweden and Denmark.

A beach baptism was being planned for early September, and a free Jesus People Festival was in the works for mid-October at the Devonshire Downs race track, a popular rock concert venue in Los Angeles. An international Jesus People Gathering was scheduled for December in Hollywood. The Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society was holding a Jesus celebration in conjunction with Nisei Week in the "Little Tokyo" district of downtown Los Angeles. The Salt Company, a coffeehouse and Jesus music venue in Hollywood that had introduced Larry Norman to the local scene, was back in operation with a schedule of weekend concerts and weeknight coffee and games.

UC Berkeley-based Jesus paper "Right On", published by Jack Sparks of Christian World Liberation Front was celebrating its third year of publication, and the HFP joined in congratulating Jack and the CWLF team.

The stoned hippie in the cartoon shown at right was drawn by our brother Warren Heard as part of a larger panel titled "Jesus Tells It Like It Is". Our hippie friend puts down all that Jesus freak nonsense as a "crutch", but he's not worried: "I've got my pills and stuff."

The young Jesus People singing and praising in the photo at lower right were at a free Jesus Festival of Music held in Tucson, Arizona.

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