I've Got Time

June, 1972
1972 HFP, Volume 4 Number 6

J. Edgar Hoover, longtime director of the FBI and symbol of hard-nosed law enforcement, died in Washington at the age of 77. President Nixon announced the mining of Haiphong Harbor in North Vietnam along with intensified bombing of roads and bridges. Alabama governor George Wallace survived an assassination attempt but was left paralyzed. And in baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Minnesota Twins 4 to 3 in a marathon game that lasted 22 innings.

The Jesus movement was going international, and this issue brought exciting news and photos of Jesus People taking the gospel into the "walled city" of Kowloon, Hong Kong, to soldiers in Vietnam (including General Westmoreland himself), to street children and heroin addicts in Manila, Philippines, and the Hillbrow district of Johannesburg, South Africa. Our brother Bill LaBurn was reprinting the HFP in the Philippines and distributing it to military personnel at Clark AFB and Subic Bay.

The HFP was organizing an international street staff workshop for Jesus People interested in becoming "world changers". Opportunities were coming up in Ireland, New Zealand, Scandinavia and southeast Asia.

The photo at right was taken in Sweden during the Scandinavia trip, when a little bird landed on Duane's Bible carrying a flower in its beak. The Jesus movement "back home" in the U.S. seemed to be fading as Jesus People were being absorbed back into traditional churches and the exciting concerts, coffeehouses and festivals of earlier years began to disappear. This little bird seemed to bring us God's promise that what looked like the winter of the Jesus movement was in fact just a different spring, as Jesus was alive and well in countries around the globe.

Our brother Warren Heard drew the beautiful mini-poster of Jesus shown at lower right.

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