I Don't Know Where I Am Going

May, 1972
1972 HFP, Volume 4 Number 5

The first electric power plant fueled entirely by garbage went online. Baseball season was delayed due to a strike. Apollo 16 astronauts Young and Duke landed on the moon. The Republic of China sent two pandas to the U.S. national zoo in Washington. New York congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., a longtime Baptist minister and activist for civil rights, died in the Bahamas.

Our friend Les Humphrey wrote an exciting article about The Way coffeehouse on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA where 300 to 1,000 young people were hearing the gospel of Jesus every night.

Duane was scheduled to speak at Explo '72, an international student congress on evangelism featuring Billy Graham, coming up in June in Dallas, TX. A Jesus festival and youth rally was in the works in the rural community of Hanford, CA. The HFP was asking for donations of Bibles, concordances, theology books and other reference material for use in the Jesus School in Hollywood. Jesus People at Nathan Hale High School in Ohio were meeting daily on campus for Bible study.

The illustration at right is one of the many cartoons from this issue drawn by our brother Warren Heard. The photo at lower right shows Duane in Sweden, near several road signs in Swedish (no, he wasn't hitchhiking!)

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