March in Hollywood

December 2, 1969
1969 HFP, Volume 1 Number 5

Christmas was not far off, and the front cover cartoon by Lance Bowen titled "The Manger" (pictured at right) depicted a modernized "Bethlehem Motel" with a No Vacancy sign. The motel's balding, cigar-smoking manager negotiates with Joseph while a very pregnant Mary smiles down at them from her donkey. The headline on a nearby newspaper rack announces "God Comes to Earth".

As promised by the front page headline, another march in Hollywood was set for December, with Jack Sparks of Berkeley's Christian World Liberation Front, end-times author Hal Lindsey, and music by the Salt Company lined up for the rally after the march from Gower and Carlos in northeast Hollywood to the football field at Hollywood High.

An exciting review of the recent "Thanksgiving Feast of Music" with photos of Larry Norman, Dennis Agajanian ("a fantastic flat picker who brought the house to its feet with his improvisations on Malaguena"), and the Salt Company shared a page with a beautifully drawn and quintessentially late-sixties poster (pictured, below right) for an upcoming New Year's concert to be held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Two full pages in the center of this issue were devoted to "The Ultimate Trip", an exploration of the Gospel and the prophecies of Jesus' ultimate return to earth, viewed in the context of the political and social turmoil that threatened to destabilize our world in 1969. The author's comments that we stood on the brink of "one of the most perilous periods of human history", when the haunting fear of what would happen next was "the obsession and nightmare of millions", could as easily have been written today.

The HFP continued to serve as an informal, street-level information center for the growing Movement, plugging readers into gatherings at the Light and Power House on Strathmore Drive near the UCLA campus, and a Bible study and Jesus rap at North Hollywood Park. Readers could help get the HFP (then considered fairly radical!) into their high school or college campus library, or sent to a friend or relative serving in Vietnam.

Lance Bowen's back cover poster depicted a starry, wild-haired Jesus bringing white and black children together.

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