Occult, Mysticism or Jesus?

January, 1972
1972 HFP, Volume 4 Number 1

Kurt Waldheim of Austria succeeded U Thant of Burma as Secretary General of the United Nations. Singer Don McLean won a gold record for his hit song "American Pie". And President Nixon ordered NASA to begin construction of a reusable space shuttle.

This "theme issue" on the occult featured personal stories by Paul, Rick, Debby and Pat who had escaped the satanic world of sorcery, black magic, demons and evil spirits to find the true power in the love of Jesus. "Satan is very real and very powerful and he hates you," Debby warned, but "Christ defeated Satan! Jesus freed me forever!"

Las Vegas had recently had its first Jesus Festival, and a small house church had begun with Sunday afternoon Bible studies. A few members of the group had caravanned from Las Vegas to Will Rogers State Beach in southern California for a beach baptism on January 2. That was the day our brother Tom Lamb and many others were baptized in the chilly surf. Tom tells his story in an article elsewhere on our website.

About 2,000 Jesus People had crowded into the Hollywood Palladium on the day after Christmas "to praise the Lord and see Jesus boom in the hearts of new brothers and sisters." A crew of Jesus People had gathered at the First Baptist Church of Pasadena on New Year's Eve for a midnight communion before traveling to the Tournament of Roses parade route on Colorado Boulevard, where we handed out 100,000 copies of the HFP overnight as well as during the parade the next morning.

Our brother Warren Heard drew our dramatic front cover cartoon which included the Icthus cross shown at right. Our back cover poster, shown at lower right, featured Jesus the Liberator.

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