Jesus is Alive and Well (Santa's Dead)

December 7, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 24

President Nixon let Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa out of prison. On Thanksgiving Eve, a man identified as D.B.Cooper hijacked an airline fight from Portland, Oregon, and demanded $200,000 in cash with the threat of a bomb. He parachuted from a Northwest Orient 727 with the money over the Cascade mountains, and was never seen again. And on the 30th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the HFP went to press.

Our talented artist and cartoonist Dale Yancy had been promoted to assistant editor, and immediately prepared a full page holiday article titled "Santa's Dead." Photos showed "mourners" gathered around the casket grieving for Santa Claus who lay dead in his famous red suit and white beard. An empty Christmas stocking hung sadly on the lid of the casket.

Our pages overflowed with announcements of Bible studies, street witnessing, beach baptisms and communion services, and upcoming Jesus Festivals at the Hollywood Palladium. An endless parade of Jesus houses, centers and rap sessions jammed the Wall.

Our friend Warren Heard designed the festive graphic shown at right, celebrating "Happy birthday Jesus" instead of the commercialized, gift-oriented "Xmas" made popular by the now deceased Santa Claus. "Santa didn't die for your sins," we announced. "Jesus did." The photo at lower right is of a young brother with "Jesus is Lord" printed on his shirt.

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