Thank You, Jesus

November 16, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 23

President Nixon promised to withdraw 45,000 more troops from Vietnam by February, but behind the scenes increased the number of bombing raids against North Vietnam. The space probe Mariner 9 began orbiting Mars, sending back pictures of prehistoric rivers. And on Amchitka Island, Alaska, the US tested a 5-megaton bomb, causing a magnitude 7 earthquake.

Students from high schools and colleges up to 100 miles from Houston had converged on the Texas city for what was being called the nation's largest-ever Jesus Festival. At a rally for Jesus held in Melbourne, Florida, musicians and speakers continued for eight solid hours as Jesus People refused to go home. 22 members of the football team at the University of Texas at Austin had become followers of Jesus, and had all signed a "Praise the Lord" poster from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes which we printed in the HFP.

Brothers and sisters in Denver sent photos of their Walk for Jesus, and news of how people in Colorado were "starting to look past our hair and clothes and are listening to what we have to say." We joined them in rejoicing that Jesus was "moving across the whole Midwest area. We are experiencing a growth period here that is blowing our minds!" Similar exciting news was coming in from Salt Lake City in Utah, and all the way from Norway. Our switchboard section, the Wall, included listings of Jesus houses, coffee shops, Bible studies and other activities from across the U.S. and around the world, jammed into two full pages in print so small only teenagers could read it.

Thomas Miller, charged by an Ohio grand jury for his part in the demonstrations the day of the Kent State tragedy in May 1970, had become a follower of Jesus, telling the HFP that he had traded in his "spirit of hate and confusion" for a spirit of peace.

Our brother Warren Heard drew the cartoon of Santa Claus defending the Thanksgiving turkey, shown at right, and another talented friend, Dave Edwards, created the back cover poster of John 3:16 shown at lower right.

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