No More Games

November 2, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 22

The Eisenhower silver dollar was put into circulation for the first time. In an Oval Office conversation with Henry Kissinger, President Nixon referred to India's prime minister Indira Gandhi as an "old witch." The United States detonated a 5 megaton nuclear weapon beneath the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, despite a Greenpeace vessel's attempts to intervene.

Jesus People in Chicago were being harassed by police while evangelizing in the nightclub district, and some had even been arrested for "disorderly conduct." Detectives told the young Jesus freaks that they were being arrested because "your being here is ruining the nighclub owners' business." The HFP devoted an entire half page to the situation, asking Jesus People everywhere to pray for our brothers and to write letters of protest to Richard Daley who was mayor of Chicago.

Jesus People from Hollywood had gone to Tucson, Arizona to do a concert, baptism and free lunch at the Maranatha House. We ran a full page of photographs of brothers and sisters singing and celebrating.

A new feature, a Bible study (we called it a "Bible rap") by our brother Paul Minturn on the epistle of I John appeared in this issue, as well as a lengthy article on teen suicide and its aftermath. We had set the goal of distributing one million copies of the HFP by the end of 1971, and asked Jesus People everywhere to pray and help. An article on the rights of public school teachers regarding religious speech examined the various Supreme Court decisions as well as a number of California court decisions.

The Jesus Movement was at its peak, and the Wall listed hundreds of Jesus People centers, events and activities crammed into two pages of very small print, covering all 50 states and several foreign countries. In metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, Denver and Cleveland, there were Jesus People activities taking place almost every night of the week. Across the country, Jesus festivals, concerts, Bible studies and more were either already happening or "in the works" for the near future. We rejoiced in awe of what Jesus was doing as the listings poured in.

Dale Yancy's front cover cartoon, shown at right, depicted two men making fun of Noah for building an Ark miles away from water... until one of them feels a raindrop. The photo at lower right is a candid shot of our friend Larry Norman performing at an outdoor concert. Those were wonderful times.

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