November 18, 1969
1969 HFP, Volume 1 Number 4

A first-person account by a Korean war orphan and street kid, illustrated by a charcoal portrait shown at right, told of his difficult beginnings -- life in a squalid shelter called "Tent" for five years, his eventual adoption by an American soldier and assimilation into the drug culture at a stateside high school, and his later escape from his drug habit through an unlikely encounter with Jesus.

Lance Bowen's cartoon for the Thanksgiving edition (shown at bottom right) took dead aim at the irony and contradictions of that most American of holidays, contrasting a wealthy family glutted from overindulgence with a poor family grateful for the very little (a can of tuna) they could afford.

A full page was devoted to coordinating a mid-December march down Hollywood Boulevard to a rally on the athletic field at Hollywood High. Speakers at the rally were to include Rev. E.V. Hill from Watts, and Jack Sparks from Berkeley.

The coffeehouses, Bible studies and Jesus raps listed in the Wall literally quadrupled almost overnight. By the fourth issue of the still-struggling HFP, no less than 28 venues were listed, from Newport Beach and Hollywood up the coast to San Francisco and on to Portland, Seattle and even Vancouver, Canada.

The Jesus People clearly had cause for thanksgiving -- the tiny Movement was spreading like wildfire up and down the Pacific Coast, and was on the verge of exploding across the entire map of North America.

From Emmanuel Farm and the House of David in Washington to Shiloh House and Rainbows in Oregon, on down to Brothers & Sisters and the J.C. Light & Power Company in southern California, the West Coast was alive, and would never be quite the same again.

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