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September 21, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 19

Former Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev died at the age of 77. A rebellion at New York's Attica state prison ended in a bloodbath as state troopers engaged in an "orgy of brutality" that left 32 inmates and 11 guards dead. President Nixon ordered tax audits of "rich Jews" contributing to Democratic candidates, and approved a plan to steal documents pertaining to the Vietnam war from the National Archives. The first episode of "Columbo", featuring Peter Falk as a messy, annoying homicide detective, was broadcast on NBC. And in Vancouver, Canada, the very first Greenpeace vessel set sail for Alaska's Aleutian Islands to intervene in U.S. nuclear tests.

The morning mail brought a tearful letter from the best friend of a disillusioned 15 year old girl who had run away from home and headed for the beaches of southern California; enclosed was a small photo of a beautiful girl with long dark hair. We printed both the letter and the photo. The HFP office was robbed while we were out running a free Jesus Festival in Long Beach, the thieves got away with cash and our office machines, which weren't that great to begin with, but we knew God would provide.

Is the Jesus Movement legal on campus? That's the question we attempted to answer with a full-page article detailing students' rights under the first and fourtheenth amendments. We labeled the page "Post inside your notebook... just in case!" We also printed some related news from Ukiah, California. A spontaneous youth revival had swept through this northern California town the previous summer, and continued in the 1,800-student local high school when school started. Students approached the administration for permission to start a Christian club on campus. The principal denied the request, but students countered with a petition, and the principal wrote to the Mendocino county district attorney for advice. The district attorney wrote to the state attorney general, who responded that the club was legal as long as it was open to all students. The local board of education made the decision unanimous, and the "Fishers of Men" club was formed.

Dale Yancy created a full-page cartoon about Jesus People at school, a portion of which is shown at right. The photo at below right is from an outreach in Tucson, AZ.

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