Stoked on Jesus

August 3, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 16

Former Beatle George Harrison released his new album, "Bangladesh", while Paul McCartney announced the formation of his new band, Wings. A Japanese 727 passenger jet collided with a military fighter. Australia and New Zealand announced that they would pull their troops out of Vietnam. And in the Mare Imbrium region of the moon, Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin went for a famous televised drive in their lunar rover.

Surfing is an important, exciting part of southern California culture, and our frequent ocean baptisms and beach evangelism had attracted the attention of local surfers. We decided to orient an entire issue of the HFP toward surfers and surfing. This was our surfing edition, with first-person articles by several well-known surfers, and surfing-oriented cartoons and graphics by our artists Ron Bufton and Dale Yancy.

"If a few drugs, a few girls, and a lot of surf is all there is to life," wrote surfer Cheer Critchlow of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, "then I was caught up in an absurd joke." Cheer found his way out of that absurd joke when he found the truth in Jesus. "A sincere person affects me stronger than any other," he wrote, "and Jesus was so fantastically sincere."

South Bay surfer Mike de Noune had achieved his dream of becoming a professional surfer for a major surfboard manufacturer, but discovered "the mystique that I thought was there wasn't, and they were as lost as I was. I gave my whole heart to surfing, and it never loved me back. It could never satisfy what I wanted inside, just to be peaceful and free." Mike found the peace and freedom he sought for in Jesus. "He gave me everything."

"Before I became a new creature in Christ," wrote surfer Margo Godfrey of La Jolla, "the framework and lifestyle through which I expressed myself and sought fulfillment of my needs was the sport of surfing." Starting at age 10, Margo found success in her sport, winning every major competition for female surfers and becoming a sponsored professional. Surfing was satisfying "while I was on the wave, but I felt empty and lost on those days when the surf was bad." After searching for meaning in yoga, meditation, health food and Eastern mysticism, Margo "realized there was a 'me' inside this body that needed to be released." She found that release in Jesus, along with the desire for "an intimate walk with Christ."

Dale Yancy created a full-page surfing cartoon, a portion of which is shown at right. The photo at lower right shows surfer Mike de Noune on the left, at his church, Bethel Tabernacle, with a young friend.

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