Is Freedom Legal?

July 6, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 14

The United States agreed to return the island of Okinawa, under US control since World War II, to Japan. President Nixon told his aides that anyone wanting to be an ambassador would have to contribute at least a quarter of a million dollars to his re-election campaign; the conversation was tape recorded. The Supreme Court overturned boxer Muhammad Ali's conviction for draft evasion. The 26th amendment to the Constitution was ratified, lowering the voting age to 18. And in Paris, France, singer Jim Morrison of the Doors died at the age of 27.

Because of recent attempts by schools to limit or curtail the activities of Jesus People on campus, this edition featured a lengthy article on the first and fourteenth amendments to the Constitution and the rights of schools versus the rights of students, whether those students happened to be "Jesus freaks" or not.

The controversy over the Children of God continued as we printed a long and insightful letter from Kent Philpott, one of the early leaders of the Jesus Movement in the Bay Area, who called the group "dangerous" and "wolves in our midst."

We heard from a brother in the Air Force at Kingsley Field in Oregon, and from Jesus People in Denmark. Free Jesus Festivals were planned for Long Beach, Topanga Canyon, San Clemente and Van Nuys in southern California, and in Tucscon, Arizona. A sunrise communion and baptism was planned for late July at Will Rogers State Beach north of Los Angeles. Gospel rock band Eden was set for a seven-state tour in the eastern U.S. The House of the Risen Son, a Jesus coffeehouse, had opened in Sylmar, a suburb of Los Angeles, and we featured photos of a concert and gathering at the new venue. A Jesus festival of music was planned in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our switchboard section, the Wall, listed Jesus houses, Bible studies, Jesus raps and other venues and activities from coast to coast, as well as 13 locations across the country where Jesus People wanting to help spread the word could pick up bulk copies of the HFP for distribution. We had received invitations to bring the Jesus People Festivals to believers in Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis and Denver, and plans for those four Festivals were in the works.

As our beach baptisms grew in numbers and were rapidly becoming one of the more visible outward symbols of our Movement, we printed photos from recent baptisms like the one shown at right. Our back cover design, "I will lift up my hands unto Thy name," shown at lower right became one of our most popular posters.

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