Jesus Movement

June 1, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 12

The Russian Mars 2 orbiter lander crashed into the surface of the red planet when its braking rockets failed. Its successor the Mars 3 orbiter lander was launched nine days later. President Nixon ordered wiretapping and political espionage against the Democratic Party; the orders were recorded on tape. Thousands of anti-war demonstrators were arrested by police and National Guardsmen in the May Day protests in Washington DC that nearly shut down the nation's capital. The Soviet Union tested a nuclear weapon in eastern Kazakhstan. And in Tupelo, Mississippi, the two room shack where Elvis Presley was born was opened to the public as a tourist attraction.

We published an open letter from the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, about the recruiting of Southwestern students by a cult group called the Children of God. The letter claimed that students recruited on campus by the Children of God teams were "held and taken somewhere in Los Angeles" where they were "guarded at all times ... [with] no sleep, no food" before being "bussed to Arizona." The adult students "taken from our campus have not been returned," the letter said, and "parents are concerned."

This edition included photos of Walks for Jesus held in San Diego and in La Crescenta near Los Angeles. Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman was planning a "youth miracle service" to be held at the Hollywood Palladium. A new Jesus coffeehouse called Maranatha had just opened in Santa Monica and was already becoming a hangout for students from nearby Santa Monica College. In Seattle, the Agape's Highest High coffeehouse was offering Bible raps and live Jesus music as well as free coffee and tea. Fred Caban's Agape band were booked for the Here Comes the Son rock concert at Downey High School. Jesus music events were being planned in several cities in Pennsylvania and in California. Crisis hotlines for drug, pregnancy and suicide problems had sprung up in 34 cities nationwide, many of them run by Jesus People houses. Our friends at Maranatha House in Tucson sent photos of their March for Jesus, and were offering Jesus People gatherings morning and night. The Jesus People Training Center was open again at the Hollywood YMCA with classes on "basic principles of Jesus."

Duane Pederson's book about the movement, titled "Jesus People" had gone to press, and we were making available advance copies of the exciting paperback to readers of the HFP.

A three part cartoon, one panel of which is shown at right, featured a dreamer out to change the world who discovered that not everyone appreciated his efforts. The moral of the story was that "you can't change the world until the human heart is changed."

Our back cover poster, shown below right, featured a message from Jesus on a brick wall.

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