Kloset Killings

May 18, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 11

President Nixon ordered aide John Haldeman to do wiretapping and political espionage against the Democrats. The orders were recorded on tape, paving the way for the Watergate scandal. On the same day, the Soviet Union tested a nuclear weapon in eastern Kazakhstan. Ironically, the Nixon tapes caused a larger explosion. On the last day of May, the Nixon administration proposed to North Vietnam a cease-fire, withdrawal of U.S. troops, and the return of prisoners of war. 58,167 Americans were killed in Vietnam.

New brothers and sisters wrote from Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Texas to let us know they had found Jesus after reading the HFP. A brother in Vietnam, Roy Hagen, wrote that "a lot of people here will read it that won't read anything else." A new Jesus people restaurant, the Way In, had opened in Hollywood and featured Christian music along with the food. The Mustard Seed coffeehouse in Van Nuys was adding street and bar evangelism to their schedule of concerts, Bible studies and rap sessions.

In his "As I See It" column, Larry Norman discussed the question of how much Christian musicians ought to be paid for performing, an issue still debated today. "Why do we begrudge them the price the ask?" Larry wrote. "I don't see them wearing expensive clothes or driving a Rolls Royce. They appear to be faithful servants whom God is using to win new souls and even uplift we who are already Christians."

Dale Yancy's front page cartoon depicted a college student popping pills while cramming for a psychology final while a stoned white rabbit in a bottle of prescription pills screamed "There's gotta be something better!" A poster on the wall read "Due to lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled."

KABC-TV channel 7 in Los Angeles was about to air a series of special Eyewitness News reports on the Jesus Movement, "a massive crusade that is capturing the hearts of the young from coast to coast. The new cause? Religion. Not the organized religion familiar to many of us, but a simple, and very personal, belief in Jesus and His teachings. A belief that has helped many kick the drug habit, and has given all a new faith in the future."

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