How Moral is War?

May 4, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 10

As race riots swept through the Brownsville district of Brooklyn in New York City, massive earthquakes killed 860 people in Turkey, and Stephen Schwartz's musical "Godspell" premiered off-Broadway. Another week in paradise.

Our friend Stan Easton wrote that "the Youngstown, Ohio area is being shocked by the Jesus Movement. In the past eight months hundreds of young people (long hairs, straights, dopers, etc.) have accepted Jesus." They were trying to start a local 24-hour Jesus house, and asked for our advice. Sharon wrote that the Movement was "starting to reach us" in Michigan as well, where she was seeing "kids turning off of drugs and turning on to Jesus." Rick wrote us from Kane County Jail where he was awaiting trial on drug-related burglary charges. Someone in the jail had given Rick a copy of the HFP. "It really talked to me," he wrote. "Jesus fits into my life. I want a world of love and peace through revolution." Our friends Tom and Gwynn were married on the beach, and we printed a photo of the wedding.

Larry Norman wrote an insightful article about the lack of elders in the movement, "people mature in the faith with the ability to teach and encourage," without whom new converts often struggle alone and end up confused and disillusioned. "Is there no burden within the established church for the movement of the street Christians, the Jesus people, the Jesus freaks?"

Dale Yancy's front page cartoon depicted two hippies at a peace march. One, marching with a "Stop the War" sign, asks "Hey, weren't you up here in the 1969 peace march?" The other, handing out Hollywood Free Papers, answers "For sure... but that was before I found real peace in Jesus!"

Our brother Run Bufton created the cartoon of a voice calling for help on an antique telephone, which became the logo for our new listing of Hot Lines where Jesus People could call for help with drug and other life problems.

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