Biker Cops Out

November 4, 1969
1969 HFP, Volume 1 Number 3

The third issue opened with a haunting charcoal portrait of Beatle Paul McCartney, pictured at right -- this was shortly after LIFE Magazine had debunked Detroit disc jockey Russell Gibb's "Paul is Dead" hoax.

The feature article was an open letter from a former Hell's Angels biker, Ray, whose street name was "Hoss". The letter described his reluctant encounter with Jesus at "The Other Door", a Movement coffeehouse in San Bernardino, not long after his three-year-old daughter was killed in a tragic train accident. As was often the case in the early days of the HFP, Ray's mailing address appeared at the end of the article and readers were invited to contact him.

A page was devoted to a review of a Salt Company concert at La Mirada High School during the school's Homecoming Week, and an open invitation to an upcoming "Thanksgiving Feast of Music" featuring Salt Company, Larry Norman and Dennis Agajanian.

A new idea that would become one of the most beloved features of the HFP made its official debut in this issue - the "Wall". Movement news, concerts, coffeehouses, Bible studies and Jesus raps would eventually be listed on the Wall from coast to coast, and even outside the United States.

The Wall's debut in issue 3 was still very locally focused, but listed an upcoming concert, a march down Hollywood Boulevard, a "happening" in Topanga Canyon, a youth rally hosted by David Wilkerson in Anaheim, and Jesus houses in Hollwyood, Santa Ana and Pasadena. Small beginnings that hinted at great things to come.

Lance Bowen again created the featured poster, "Jesus - the Light in our Darkness", pictured below right.

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