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April 20, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 9

As opposition at home to the war in Vietnam mounted, 13,000 anti-war protesters calling themselves the Mayday Tribe converged on Washington, D.C. Rock impresario Bill Graham shut down his Fillmore and Fillmore East concert venues and retired, but not for long; he would soon return to produce shows with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead and others. A group of 18 regional railroads turned over their money-losing passenger rail lines to a new government-run railroad to be called Amtrak, and National Public Radio, a non-commercial network of 112 radio stations, began.

"Motorcycle gangs, pushers, pimps, prostitutes, drunken men and women, runaways, lost and alone, wandering in a haze of drugs. In the midst of this hell on earth stands a tall wooden cross. Chained to the cross is a young man, quiet and serene, bowed in prayer. This is Arthur Blessitt, the minister of the Sunset Strip." So began Arthur's new book "Turned On to Jesus", the fascinating story of his life and ministry which had just been published.

We printed a half page of photos of the "Resurrection Sunday" Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl. A "Rock of Ages" concert was planned in North Hollywood featuring Larry Norman, Andrae Crouch and others. Another Jesus Festival of Music was in the works at the Hollwood Palladium. One of our biker-for-Jesus friends, Eddie Paul, was planning to take his souped-up "Jesus bike" to a local motorcycle show. A brother in the Air Force, David Tharp, and his friends were trying to start a Jesus house in Poplar Bluff, MO. A brother in Vietnam had picked up a copy of the HFP at the Saigon USO canteen, and wrote to us about his former days as a street fighter in the tough gang neighborhood of Lawndale and his plans to join the Jesus People Training Center in Hollywood, "if I make it back to the world."

Dale Yancy's front cover cartoon depicts three young people separated from God by a wall of sin. A college athlete tries to climb up to God using education and sports; an intellectual tries to scale the wall using intelligence, philosophy, eastern mysticism and drugs; an activist tries to reach God using his political activism, culture and good works. As the three struggle and fail to reach God on their own, Jesus simply opens the door for them.

Our brother Ron Bufton created a cartoon of a new Christian happily flushing his pills and other drugs down the toilet; this was to become the logo for "Set Free", our new column of testimonies from brothers and sisters who had overcome drugs, alcohol and other life problems through Jesus.

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